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Root HTC One M7 without PC

- - Android Rooting

If you own a HTC One M7 and looking for some ways to increase it productivity, or increase it’s speed or perform some tweaks. And to perform some really good tweaks you need to root htc one m7, and in this post, is a tutorial which help you to root it without a PC. (more…)

Root LG G2 without PC Computer One Click

- - Android Rooting

LG G2 is a device that offers the best elegance and the out of the track design and buttons. ALso the hardware and the performance of the device is pretty amazing, but if you are looking to increase it’s productivity by rooting lg g2, then you are at the right place. here is a tutorial by which you can root it without any requirement of computer or a laptop. (more…)

Install CWM and Unlock Bootloader of HTC Desire 601

- - Install CMW

There are a lot of benefits to install a Custom Recovery, for instance like CWM on HTC Desire 601. With the custom Recovery you will be able to flash ROMs, and Apply updates and manage your device more efficiently as compared to the stock recovery. HTC Desire 601 is a pretty good, device and you can surely increase the productivity of your deivce, by installing cwm as it will help you to do many things. (more…)

Root HTC Desire 601 One Click

- - Android Rooting

If you are here to root HTC Desire 601, then you are at the right place. HTC Desire is a decent device, and the Dual Core 1.4 GHz processor is capable enough to handle your apps, but still in case you desire more speed and performance, you can always root it. So here is a simple tutorial which will help you to root your HTC Desire 601 with the One Click Root Software. (more…)

Root Moto E and CWM Unclock Bootloader One Click

- - Android Rooting

If you want to root your moto E, you have come to the right place. Moto E as we know is a great device, and has so much to offer at that price tag. It beats every other smartphone in it’s price range at the moment of time. But still the device cannot perform too good, and if you are looking to increase it’s productivity, off course you ca n root moto e and perform some tweaks and have the benefit like the icing on the cake.root-moto-e-unlock-bootloader (more…)

Root Xiaomi Mi3 one Click Without PC

- - Android Rooting

If you own a Xiaomi Mi3, and looking for a tutorial to root xiaomi mi3 without C, then probably you are at the right place. Xiaomi Mi3 is a great device, specially at that price tag it provides you with really high level hardware and performance. And guess what with the official support from Xiaomi to root their device, you can just rooti it, and make the device a whole lot better. So what are you waiting for? Root Xiaomi mi3 in one click Now.

Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo a850

- - Custom ROM

Lenovo a850 is a really device, and has many good features and the hardware is pretty good, even at that cheap price. Now if you are looking for best roms for lenovo a850, then you are at the right page. But before you start out to flash a ROM on your device, you need to make sure that you lenovo a850 is rooted. If you don’t knwo how, you can read the link below. (more…)

Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Grand 2

- - Custom ROM

Galaxy Grand 2 is the successor of the famous Galaxy Grand. The phone falls in the medium range category, so it does not have very much to offer. But you can always root your grand 2, to increase it’s productivity. So if you are looking to install a custom ROM on grand 2 you are at the right place. But before you start to flash a ROM, you must know that you need to root your device before you start, and also install a recovery on it. Do read these guides before starting.

Best Custom ROMs for LG G2

- - Custom ROM

LG G2 has a great design, and also the interface. But if you are looking for some great ROMs for LG G2, so that you can probsbly change it’s looks and enjoy some of the additional features you are at the right place, my friend. But before we set out to see some of the ROMs for G2, also keep in mind that in order to install a ROM on your device, you must root it first. And also have a recovery installed on it. (more…)

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