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Update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean 4.3 via CM 10.2

- - Update

By this post you can update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean 4.3 and Install CM 10.2 on HTC Explorer/ HTC Pico

Android 4.3 launched a quot but of time ago. And still the updates to some of the major phones haven’t been rolled out yet. So if you stick officially you might have to wait too long for a update if you have a high end phone but if you are a htc explorer user then you will not get the update anyhow. Even the HTC Explorer hadn’t resourced the jelly bean 4.2.update so there is no question about 4.3. But do not worry by this post you can install and update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean Android 4.3. So read on further to have the latest version of the Android on your HTC Explorer now.

5 Best Custom Roms for Droid Razr XT912

- - Custom ROM
 In this post is a list of best custom roms for droid razr XT912

Motorola Droid Razr, the CDMA version i.e., the one with Verizon Wireless is a pretty cool device. And if you have already rooted, you might want to change the looks and remove some of the bloatware from the stock ROM of Droid Razr XT912. So in this post are some of the best custom ROMS for droid razr around. You can have a look at them. I have differentiated them in two categories, i.e., Android 4.3 ROMS and Android 4.2.2 ROMS for Droid Razr XT912. So have a look at them and enjoy. ūüėÄ

Flash Official Stock ROM for Galaxy Ace s5380

- - Android Rooting
Tutorial to Install Stock ROM for Galaxy Ace s5380.

Galaxy Ace s5380 is a device which has received much of development from the third party developers. As the device is not that much attractive and convincing, so probably rooting galaxy ace s5380 and installing other custom roms on galaxy ace is a good option. But sometimes you will need to go back to the Stock ROM for Galaxy Ace. Let me list some instances where you need to do so. May be you would be selling your phone off, and then you would need to unroot it and then flash a stock ROM for Galaxy Ace. Or May be you are stuck off anywhere, and the phone is in a boot loop. So may be Stock ROM for Galaxy Ace s5380 could save you. Or simply you are just fed up of the bugs. No matter how good a custom ROM is, it would be never as bug free as Stock ROM. Plus Stock ROMS are overall performers, while custom ROMS for Galaxy Ace give you a power to do somethings perfectly while others are missed out. So if you are looking to install Stock ROM for Galaxy Ace s5380, mate you’re at the right place.

5 Best Custom ROMS for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

- - Custom ROM
 In this post there is a list of the best custom ROMS for Galaxy Nexus Verizon.

One of the best benefits of having a Nexus device is that you get to use and are exposed to the developed in the third party areas ike the ROMS, etc. Though the Nexus devices get the updates soon enough after the new versions are released but the stock android still does not have the gestures like the ROMS I have listed below do. So you should be atleast trying these ROMS out. But before actually installing them, make sure you have rooted you verizon galaxy nexus and have installed  a recovery on Galaxy nexus i505 device. Have a list of the best custom roms for galaxy nexus on verizon. Enjoy!

Overclock Samsung Galaxy Ace s5380

- - Tips N Tricks
 With the help of this post you can Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380 easily.

Samsung Galaxy Ace s5380 is a pretty old device from Samsung, so as usual the Hardware on the device is not that compelling.But guess what thanks to the immense development that this phone has undergone by the third party developers, we have many solutions for the problems it has. As a matter of fact, we now have a Kernel to Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380. Read the steps below to Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380 now.

Best Custom ROMS for Samsung Galaxy Pocket s5300

- - Android Rooting
 In this post there are custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a pretty average phone from Samsung. And sadly it does not have much to impress. And as always the touchwiz has been not so convincing from the very start. but guess what? You could dump your touchwiz and switch to Custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300, which would change the looks of your phone completely. So what are you waiting for?below is a list of best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Pocket s5300, you must atleast try them out.

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