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Root Samsung Galaxy Core Duos GT- i8262D One Click

- - Android Rooting

Samsung had released the Core duos, quite some time before, and as usual the device gets lag and slow with time like all the other android phones. So why not increase the performance, make it more personalized, install some ROMs and get the most of your device. Yes of course you can do that, when you root galaxy core duos, and not only that there are plenty of other things that you can do with your device. But this post specifically deals with the rooting procedure involved with the device. (more…)

Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos GT-S7262 and Install CWM

- - Android Rooting

So you own a Star Pro Duos, and it has turned old and has slowed down. Of course that slowing down of the device with time is completely natural, but hey there are still many things that be done from this point, and one such thing is rooting it. So if you came here heading to root Galaxy Star pro Duos, then you are at the right place. You can perform many tweaks and most important of all you can increase the device and speed it up, so let the rooting begin. (more…)

How to Root Galaxy Y Plus GT-s5303 without PC

- - Android Rooting

So you are looking for ways to Root Galaxy Y Plus GT-s5303 without PC, and use the device to a personalize to a greater extent and get the most out of it, then you must definitely refer to this tutorial, and increase the extent of personalization and use the device according to the way you want, and customize fully, and get the most from your device. But before we straight away jump to rooting, there are some things, like in the section below. (more…)

How to Root Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 with One Click

- - Android Rooting

Here is post to help you root Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-s7392 with oboe click. So root it view and increase the performance and get the most out of it your device now. So you should begin, and follow this tutorial, which will help you on your way to get it rooted easily without any issues. (more…)

How to Remove Bloatware from Android Device

- - Featured

So you own an old Android Device, and it is getting slow, and irritates the hell out of you? Well here is a post that can help increase the speed and performance of your android device, by helping you delete the bloatware from it. Many of you must be wondering that what actually is bloatware? Don’t worry, read below.

Android 5.1 Already Out?

- - Android Rooting

Google had released the Android 5.0 Lollipop a lot before, and still most of the flagships have not been updated yet by the respective mobile manufacturers. And seems like the next big update is already out. Though the update is not as big to change the version number, but still seems like a decent update. (more…)

How Backup and Recover Lost Data on Android Phone

- - Featured

Everyone has some of the important data on their phones. And same is the case for the Android Users. But in many cases, one loses their precious and important personal data like pictures, videos, music, document files, messages, contacts and other stuff on their respective phone. But ever wondered what if that is lost one day? What will you do?

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