Micromax Bolt D321 Gets Listed On Official Website

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When it comes to releasing and announcing mid level or entry level smartphones, there are no special events dedicated to them and smartphone manufacturers often announce them through their websites without any events. Something very similar has happened with Micromax’s latest entry to the mid level smartphone segment and another entry to its Bolt range of smartphones, the Bolt D321.

Micromax Bolt

The smartphone was silently launched on Micromax’s official website though we are still awaiting a price tag and a formal announcement. The device boasts of decent specs and comes installed with some apps like Opera Mini, Truecaller, Snapdeal. The smartphone will soon be made available by the Indian smartphone manufacturing company but in the meantine, you can check out its specifications and other details here.

HTC One M9 Gets Leaked

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When it comes to upcoming devices and gadgets, the upcoming ones don’t get to remain hidden for long and smartphones are the worst at it. Wondering the reason why we say so? Well, the pictures below will answer your questions. The pictures below are rumored to be of Taiwenese smartphone manufacturing giant, HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone the One M9. Yes people, the One M9 is no longer a secret and with these pictures, we have a pretty good idea what it might look like. Not only this, we also have a rumor that claims to know the innards of the One M9. Continue Reading

How to Remove Bloatware from Android Device

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So you own an old Android Device, and it is getting slow, and irritates the hell out of you? Well here is a post that can help increase the speed and performance of your android device, by helping you delete the bloatware from it. Many of you must be wondering that what actually is bloatware? Don’t worry, read below.


What is Bloatware and Why Delete it?

Before you actually set out to remove the bloatware, you must be knowing what bloatware really is, and how does it slow down your android device? Continue Reading

Motorola set to come up with a Device on 25 Feb, Guesses?

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All mobile manufacturers these days try to keep their upcoming projects under covers for all long as they can. Though most of them don’t succeed in keeping their projects a complete secret, thanks to the tipsters we still have some mobile manufacturers who manage to keep upcoming device hidden till their release date.

motorola-coming-up-with-a gadget-soon

Another company we all are familiar with has just added its name to the later list and its none other than Motorola. We say so because Motorola has been sending invites and packed boxes to the major media outlets. The contents of the box remain unknown and an event scheduled for 25th February is when the product will be unveiled. Continue Reading

Root Galaxy Mini 2 and Flash CWM Recovery

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Here is a post, which would help you through the procedure to root Galaxy Mini 2 and install CWM recovery on it using Odin. You could increase the performance the device, and use it on a more personalized level, and squeeze out more from it.


Before you Root Galaxy Mini 2:

before you begin rooting, there are some basic things that you need to have atleast have a basic idea about. Like if you know nothing about it, then you must take out sometime, and understand the basic concepts of rooting. but on the other hand, the chances are high that you are quite experienced, then you must skip this part, as it is a bit boring, if you already know it. Continue Reading

How to Root HTC Desire 610 Without PC

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SO you own a HTC Desire 610 and looking to root your Desire 610? Well here is small tutorial for you, that could help you on your way. I f you are fed up with the device, and looking to squeeze out more for the device, then obviously rooting could be your tea, and could definitely help you through. So let us get you the root access.


Before you Root HTC Deesire 610:

Before you begin with rooting, you should be atleast having an idea of what you are about to do. if you have one, kindly skip this part, but in case you are noob and starting fresh, you should take some time and atleast go through this part once. Continue Reading

Android 5.1 Already Out?

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Google had released the Android 5.0 Lollipop a lot before, and still most of the flagships have not been updated yet by the respective mobile manufacturers. And seems like the next big update is already out. Though the update is not as big to change the version number, but still seems like a decent update.


We had received the half announcement from Google last week about the version 5.1. And the version is in testing with the Nexus 5. This is quite surprising as the latest Nexus gets and receives the update, and the testing has to be performed on it, but still this time Nexus 5 is the lucky one, leaving the Nexus 6 alone. Continue Reading

LG Reportedly Working on a new Chipset

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According to the reports coming in, LG has been reportedly working on a new high end chipset. So seems like LG is trying to follow the trails of the fellow mobile manufacturer, Samsung, which is renown for developing it’s own chipset.


The chipset the company is working on, has to be featured in their own flagship device in maybe 2016, so the device would most probably be G5. SoC employs that powerful Cortex A72 cores would be featured alongside the energy efficient cores  A53.

Though this is not the first time, that LG has been trying to manufacture something of it’s own in the chips. As we all know the G3 featured home-brewed Nuclun SoC, which was released last October. SO we will be seeing, what LG has to offer with the upcoming chipset.

How Backup and Recover Lost Data on Android Phone

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Everyone has some of the important data on their phones. And same is the case for the Android Users. But in many cases, one loses their precious and important personal data like pictures, videos, music, document files, messages, contacts and other stuff on their respective phone. But ever wondered what if that is lost one day? What will you do?


Well, to prevent that step here is a post which is there to help our loyal users. This post is basically divided into two parts, the first tutorial would teach you how to take a backup android phone to computer, and the other phone would teach you to recover any lost file from your android phone, which is our second part of the tutorial. So let’s begin. Continue Reading

Root Galaxy S Duos SCH-I829 Without PC

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Looking for some ways to root the Galaxy Style Duos? Well here is a short tutorial that will help you your way thourgh the rooting procedure. Rooting can be a cool element, for your device, and you really can help getting more from your device, personalizing it more, and what not. So let the rooting begin.


Before you Root Galaxy Style Duos:

Before you actually begin, there are many things that you need to have atleast a basic idea about. Like what android rooting actually is, and how to benefit from it, and all the other basic stuff that the beginners do not know as of. On the other hand you are not a beginner and know about the stuff related to rooting, then you can of course skip this part and jump to the next part of the tutorial. And if that is not the case, we highly recommend that you atleast give it a read for just the basic idea. Continue Reading

How to Root S2 Plus GT I9105P Without PC

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So if you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, and looking for some ways to root it to perform some tweaks or other root stuff for that matter, you are at the right place. Here is a short tutorial which would help you to root Galaxy S2 Plus GT I9105P without PC, yes you read it right, while following this tutorial you won’t even need a Computer or Laptop.


Why to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105P:

So before we actually begin with the procedure t root galaxy S2 Plus gt-i9105p, there are many things that you must know before we actually begin with rooting. if you have a basic idea about what rooting is, and how does it really work, then you can of course skip this part of the tutorial and jump on to the next part. But if in case you d not have much knowledge then you should take time and atleast have a read what it is really about. Continue Reading

How to Root GALAXY W GT-I8150 One Click Method

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So you own a Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150, and looking for some ways to make the phone perform a little better. well there are many options to that, and the best is to root galaxy w GT-I8150, and here is a short tutorial to help you out. After rooting you could simple increase the performance of the device, by overclocking or increasing the RAM of the device. Also not only that, the battery usage can be optimized and you could simply squeeze out well from the what the hardware has to offer to you. So let us begin. Continue Reading