How to Use Set CPU to overclock on your Android Smartphone

Looking for some ways to Overclock your device? Well here is a short post, which can guide you to use SetCPU and overclock your android smartphone.


Why to OVerclock using SetCPU:

The speed of your Android device is solely dependent on the processor of the device. Now every processor is set at a certain speed at which it processes the data. The more the clock speed, the more faster the processor operates, and hence faster the device. Overclocking means that you increase the clock speed of the processor over the limit it is set to operate. Now when you do so, it is certain that your device will function faster. Continue Reading

How to Control DSLR Completely from your Android Device

Today photographic instruments are evolving at a great speed. The need for remote shutters has been present since a long time. And the remote controllers for the camera are really expensive, and also they do not offer much productivity and ease of control. Plus you need to carry them every time, and everywhere you take your camera. now just imagine a scenario, where you could remotely control the Android device using your smartphone. Here is a short post, by which you could control your DSLR camera using your android smartphone, including changing each and every setting and also taking the final shot. Continue Reading

Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT&T

Are you Searching for a few Custom ROMs for your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT&T ? If Yes, the Don’t wory as we have compiled the best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT&T.

The Device is One of the best Device in the Galaxy Line up by Samsung, But still when it comes to development, even the best and the latest lacks alot of features when seen through a developers eyes. And as a Consumer who will ever want to stick to the official Stock ROm of the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT&T if we have very awesome and very fluid ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT&T.

Below here is a list of ROMs specially segregated for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT&T by us. we have also tried a few ROMs and listed them accordingly here. These ROMs are very much tested and this post will be updated every week to keep all the ROMs updated. so you can bookmark the page and head back here some other day to find new and more ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT&T in the coming future.


How to Root HTC One S | Easy Tutorial

Do you want to Root HTC One S ? Well if you do the you must know that this is the easiest tutorial online available which will Root your HTC One S without bricking it.

The tutorial is divided into many sections under headings to let the User know what he is actually doing and what can he do after has Rooted his HTC One S. It is advice to read the tutorial twice before you start to follow the profile.

Do you need to Root HTC One S ?

To understand Why do you need to root your HTC One S, You must basically know What actually Android Rooting in general is?
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Custom ROMs for Xperia U

Xperia U was launched quite a time back, and the phone often lags after some time. But you can speed up the device, by installing a custom ROM, and dumping the stock ROM that your mobile manufacturer put in. SO here is a post with a list of custom ROMs for your Xperia U. Custom ROMs are the set of firmwares that run on the device. To understand custom ROMs better, you should read about it before. Before installing a ROM you should get a root access, and also install a custom recovery onto the device. Read about custom recovery here in detail. Also make sure that you backup all your data, as when you flash a ROM all the data on the device gets deleted.



How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 SM-T335L | Easy

Here is a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 SM-T335L running on android 4.4 that is Kitkat and is also the latest android version present. So just hurry if you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 SM-T335L and are waiting for a tutorial that is so easy and safe to do it in 10 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 SM-T335L android device by Samsung is a nice device to play with, RAM is enough but not upto the mark, that is where Rooting and development of the Phone comes in.

Do you need to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 SM-T335L?

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Things to do before Flashing a ROM

Most of the Android users for their devices so that they can get rid of the old and monotonous and the slow stock ROMs,  full of bloat ware.  And install a custom ROM in their devices. But there are many things that you might need to know and do before you flash a ROM on your Android device. This is a small post which would’ve help you do that.

Get Root Access :


Well this is pretty obvious, you first need to get the root access. You need to root your Android device in order to be able to flash a custom ROM. Now there are many tried pay apps it there in the play store that withdrawal help you to get the root access within a few clicks. Some of the apps are Framaroot, Towelroot, Chainfire etc. But if luck doesn’t, help you can always root your device by the traditional method. For the same reason we are here for you. You could simply type in the model name of your device in the search box above, and the tutorials related to your device would show up. In case they don’t, please do take time mention your device in the “Request your Device” section.
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