How to Root Lenovo A269i Without PC

So if you own a lenovo a269i and looking for some ways to root it without PC, then you are at the right place. Follow this tutorial to simply rooting it without the use of a computer in a few taps. After you root phone, you will be able to perform many tricks on your device, and increase it’s performance by deleting all the bloatware of the device.


Before you Root Lenovo a269i:

There are a few things you need to know before you start to root the lenovo a269i without PC. If you do not even have a basic idea about what rooting is, you should probably take some time to read a few things about it. On the other hand if you are well aware of rooting and it’s benefits and other stuff, you can probably skip this part of the tutorial and go on to the procedure straight away. To read and know more about android rooting, read here.
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How to Hide Files/Media on Android | No Root | 3 Ways

Facing some issues while keeping privacy on your android device ? Are you deleting personal pictures from your android device so that you can just keep your privacy to the mark ? If Yes then Don’t Worry as this post will cover all the possible and existing methods and also some new methods to Hide Files from People you don’t want show.

Even your android will deny its existence given the fact that you can always restore them any time you want.

In this Post i will let you know about the 3 very distinctive ways of hiding media or any other file extension from other apps to access. Not even your Gallery will show the images and  videos that you have hidden.
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Root Lenovo Idea Tab s6000 Without PC

Looking for some ways to root lenovo ideatab s6000 without pc? You are at the right place pal. Ideatab is a great android tablet from Lenovo, and guess what you can make it more awesome just by rooting it.Install ROMs, perform many tweaks, and most importantly increase it’s performance by agreat deal. SO what are you waiting for?

Before you Root Lenovo Ideatab s6000:

Before you start the procedure to root the ideatab s6000. there are a few things you need to know. Before actually rooting your device, you need have atleast a basic idea of what android rooting is. If you already know about it, you can skip this part of the tutorial and jump to eh next part. If not, take some time to read what follows.
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How to Root Nokia X Easily one Click

You own o Nokia X and fed up of the so monotonous software Nokia put in? Want to change the looks and control and tweak your device better than ever before? So why not root Nokia X, and install some custom ROMs and do much of the stuff. So this post goes out for the Nokia X users.

Before you Root Nokia X:

There a few things that you need to know about rooting before you start with the procedure to root Nokia X. If you have a basic knowledge of rooting , then you can of course skip this part, but if you asre trying to root your device, because the cool geek friend of yours told to do so, and you have no knowledge about this. You should first have a basic idea of what android rooting actually is.
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How to Root HP Slate 8 Pro | Fastest method

Are you Searching for a Root HP Slate 8 Pro? If you are then you must know that this tutorial is the best tutorial available on the internet to Root HP Slate 8 Pro android device. The Best part of this tutorial is that we do not require a PC to Root HP Slate 8 Pro.

The HP Slate 8 Pro android device by HP is a nice device to play with, 1GB RAM is enough but not upto the mark, that is where Rooting and development of the Phone comes in.

Why Do you need to Root HP Slate 8 Pro ?

To understand Why do you need to root your HP Slate 8 Pro, You must basically know What actually Android Rooting in general is?
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Install CWM on Nokia X

Here is a small tutorial that will help you out to install cwm on your Nokia X. But before we start out with the procedure, let us know a bit about CWM and the Stock Recovery that comes installed on your device.


What is CWM and why install cwm on Nokia X?

Well CWM is a custom recovery, known as the Clockworksmod recovery. It is a custom recovery, as again i Say. Every andorid phone comes with a recovery installed, and this recovery helps you to manage your device better. Or also it helps in case of any mishappening occurs. But the stock recovery that has been installed on the phone bythe comapny, has many limitations. And as obvious it does not allow you to perform developer tweaks.
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How to Root Motorola Xoom Wifi | Fastest Root Method

Dow you want to Root Motorola Xoom Wifi ? Yes of course you are here because you want to root Motorola Xoom Wifi. But before that you have to Read through our tutorial along side and lean what Rooting is and its Benefits over an Unrooted Android.

Lets Buckle up and Root Motorola Xoom Wifi. This is the very best and safe way to root your Motorola Xoom Wifi. The procedure is Risk and brick free. But still if there is any damage to your device. you can not blame us for it rather it will only happen in a case if you do not follow the exact instructions to root Motorola Xoom Wifi.
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